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A few pics from the Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Today is the start of the year of the Earth Dog. If you’d like to know what it has to offer, check out this link.

Once again I’m in Taiwan in time for the celebrations. With my wife being a dog – in terms of the Chinese zodiac, come on, folks – we went to the local temple in Kaohsiung (a city in the south), near to where her parents live, so she could be blessed for the year ahead.

(Supposedly, if it’s your year then the traits and characteristics of that specific zodiac sign are amplified, and you’re told to take things steady – hence the blessing.)

Anyway, I took a few pics of the temple to give you an insight into what your typical Taoist temple is like at this time of year.

It’s amazing to see hundreds of people praying for good luck, whilst burnin paper money and incense.


I thought I’d have a break from my laptop and so left it in Taipei. I’m therefore posting this using my phone. I apologise if there’s anything wrong with the formatting or the photos. I tried to upload a video for you but it failed, so maybe I’ll update this post when I get back to Taipei and then upload the video.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the temple, along with one of a unicycle rack in a school playground, and some shots taken from around my in-laws’ place, near the mountains.

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