Collecting Experiences

I’m not an experience-collector. Experiencing new things doesn’t make life richer, for my attention is not in the experience, but on the experiencer, therefore the constant flow of experiencing fills my cup rather beautifully, without the need to venture off onto a road less travelled. Surely anything that is here one moment and gone theContinue reading “Collecting Experiences”

Don’t Stare

It’s morning. I’m in Taipei’s subway. I’ve just squeezed out of the train. I’m enjoying breathing and moving my limbs. So many people. I swear there’re more and more of us. I’ve been in Taiwan for two and a half years and I find myself thinking, “It wasn’t like this when I first came here.”Continue reading “Don’t Stare”

What Would You Do?

Do you allow yourself to relax? I like to think I do. I know the importance of relaxation, and I can so easily dish out the advice to a rushing-Ronny to chill out. I’m certain there’s something in one or more of my own books about how rushing doesn’t get us anywhere, and how “there’sContinue reading “What Would You Do?”