Affirmations for the Dying

Those of us who are dying can often feel alone. They’re turning into butterflies, when their loved ones, even though they may mean well, want to keep them as caterpillars.

Life Lessons from Water

If you have read books on philosophy, especially eastern philosophy, like Bodhidharma, Lao Tzu and Zhuangzi (the guy who didn’t know whether he was a man dreaming of being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it was a man), you will have no doubt come across insights that have come about by observing water. YouContinue reading “Life Lessons from Water”

Following Your Heart Isn’t Easy, But…

A friend in distress recently sent me a message, asking if I thought she had done the right thing. She had made the decision to quit her job to follow her passion. She undoubtedly felt good and relieved at finally following through with the decision to step into her own power. But then she hadContinue reading “Following Your Heart Isn’t Easy, But…”

One Single Fact – A Poem

Fairies in the sun Dancing before your eyes; Not a single step out of place; One in disguise. So many roles; So many acts; So many faces; But one single fact. Right there. Right here. Right now. So near. <*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>*<*>* Before you go, it would be great if you could Like, Comment and Share The ebookContinue reading “One Single Fact – A Poem”