A Shot of Self-Acceptance – Transcript

Here you’ll find the transcript of the new video on Tales & Meditations called A Shot of Self-Acceptance

How Doing This One Thing Can Make Life So Much Easier

So many of us are afraid of doing this one thing. Without it we get nowhere, or we get somewhere slowly; and the road was probably a treacherous one when it didn’t need to be that treacherous. We’re afraid to do this one thing because we’re afraid of how we might look in the eyesContinue reading “How Doing This One Thing Can Make Life So Much Easier”

Don’t Be A Barnacle

Our family and friends think they know what’s best for us, just as we think we know what’s best for them. We willingly advise those of whom we care for, with the hope of steering them to safety. But what happens when they shock us by doing something that alters our perception of them? DoContinue reading “Don’t Be A Barnacle”

The Path of Least Resistance

My family and friends thought I was crazy. They really did. Breaking the news to them was harder than I thought it would be. The majority of them reacted in a way that was the very antithesis of supportive. They couldn’t understand why I had suddenly decided to turn my back on the very thingContinue reading “The Path of Least Resistance”

Be Honest with Yourself

I’m aware I’m repeating myself here, but it was only when my dream came true did I realize I no longer wanted it. Nobody could’ve changed my mind when I was on my quest.  Getting a recording contract was my mission. If somebody had’ve said, “What if you don’t actually want it?” I sincerely wouldn’tContinue reading “Be Honest with Yourself”

You Can Do This!

Following on from the previous post… So there it is, a nine-year quest condensed into a few 300-word posts.  The chase was over. The fox had caught the rabbit. It took patience, self-confidence, persistence, perseverance, determination, drive, stubbornness, hope, faith, imagination, creativity, self-belief, passion, joy, trust – all of that stuff, and more. With allContinue reading “You Can Do This!”

Others Can’t Provide You with Self-Belief

I’ve already gone into some detail about what I did to finally get a recording contract. Like, for example, how I envisioned the end result, as if it had already come to pass, and how I shared my passion with the world. When people asked, “What do you want to do?” I would proudly answer,Continue reading “Others Can’t Provide You with Self-Belief”

Stubborn Persistance

Being stubborn might not be an attractive character trait, but it can prove invaluable to dreamers. I was often told, “If everything got handed to you on a plate, it would lose its value.” Being in hot pursuit of what we want, thinking about it on a regular basis, being unbelievably stubborn that we refuseContinue reading “Stubborn Persistance”

Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams

When we find the courage, the motivation and the inspiration to go for something, we need to protect these attributes from outer and inner influences. It’s so easy to let them slip through our fingers, and when that happens there’s a danger of us turning our backs on our dreams and aspirations for good.  WhenContinue reading “Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams”