Dragon Fruit Surprise

Eating a dragon fruit,
with its pink scaly skinĀ and its deep purple flesh,
not checking my phone, nor reading an article,
nor talking to another soul about this and that,

Following Your Heart Isn’t Easy, But…

A friend in distress recently sent me a message, asking if I thought she had done the right thing. She had made the decision to quit her job to follow her passion. She undoubtedly felt good and relieved at finally following through with the decision to step into her own power. But then she hadContinue reading “Following Your Heart Isn’t Easy, But…”

Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense

It has always amazed me how the majority of us avoid talking about the inevitable. Think about that for a second… We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen. Why? Because we’re scared of it. I’ll repeat that: We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen because what’s definitely going to happen scaresContinue reading “Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense”