49 Affirmations for the Grieving

Here is the list of affirmations used in the video, Affirmations for the Grieving, on Tales & Meditations. With thanks to Paul Denniston at Grief Yoga for allowing me to use his affirmations alongside my own.

The Healing Power of Space

Life can seem so cruel at times. I recently heard of a friend’s sudden loss, and cannot imagine the pain she must be going through. What are we supposed to say to someone whose wounds are still fresh? “I’m sorry”? I can’t see how that helps, and personally I try to avoid saying it. DoContinue reading “The Healing Power of Space”

Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense

It has always amazed me how the majority of us avoid talking about the inevitable. Think about that for a second… We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen. Why? Because we’re scared of it. I’ll repeat that: We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen because what’s definitely going to happen scaresContinue reading “Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense”