Fear of Flying? This May Help

My new video on Tales & Meditations is to help those of us who fear flying, or feel anxious when flying, or have white knuckles every time we take off and land.

Can Terrorists Also Be Victims?

No doubt some of you will have heard about the recent suicide bomber, in the city of Manchester, England. Manchester is less than an hour away from my hometown, so it feels very close to home. Checking the news, like I do most mornings ever so briefly, sickens me. And I don’t just mean theContinue reading “Can Terrorists Also Be Victims?”

Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense

It has always amazed me how the majority of us avoid talking about the inevitable. Think about that for a second… We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen. Why? Because we’re scared of it. I’ll repeat that: We don’t talk about what’s definitely going to happen because what’s definitely going to happen scaresContinue reading “Not Accepting the Inevitable Makes No Sense”