Just Get to the End

After several months of wallowing in a dry well of creativity, on the 23rd May I started a draft of my story (the one I’m commissioned to write for the Taiwanese movie director), which I would go on to finish on the 25th June (my birthday).

You Can Do This!

Following on from the previous post… So there it is, a nine-year quest condensed into a few 300-word posts.  The chase was over. The fox had caught the rabbit. It took patience, self-confidence, persistence, perseverance, determination, drive, stubbornness, hope, faith, imagination, creativity, self-belief, passion, joy, trust – all of that stuff, and more. With allContinue reading “You Can Do This!”

Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams

When we find the courage, the motivation and the inspiration to go for something, we need to protect these attributes from outer and inner influences. It’s so easy to let them slip through our fingers, and when that happens there’s a danger of us turning our backs on our dreams and aspirations for good.  WhenContinue reading “Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams”