When the Dream Becomes a Reality

I have mentioned before, in a previous post, how, when I signed along the dotted line of a recording contract, the dotted line I had envisioned for nine years, I was overcome by an unexpected numbness. I had caught up with my dream; it had caught up with me. We were intertwined, dancing together, andContinue reading “When the Dream Becomes a Reality”

Others Can’t Provide You with Self-Belief

I’ve already gone into some detail about what I did to finally get a recording contract. Like, for example, how I envisioned the end result, as if it had already come to pass, and how I shared my passion with the world. When people asked, “What do you want to do?” I would proudly answer,Continue reading “Others Can’t Provide You with Self-Belief”

Stubborn Persistance

Being stubborn might not be an attractive character trait, but it can prove invaluable to dreamers. I was often told, “If everything got handed to you on a plate, it would lose its value.” Being in hot pursuit of what we want, thinking about it on a regular basis, being unbelievably stubborn that we refuseContinue reading “Stubborn Persistance”

Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams

When we find the courage, the motivation and the inspiration to go for something, we need to protect these attributes from outer and inner influences. It’s so easy to let them slip through our fingers, and when that happens there’s a danger of us turning our backs on our dreams and aspirations for good.  WhenContinue reading “Don’t Overprotect Your Dreams”

Don’t Ever Be Discouraged

For as long as I can remember I shared with the world my desire to be a recording artist. Was it scary? At times, yes. Did I get ridiculed? You bet I did! I still do! You think I don’t get laughed at, scoffed at, for writing this blog? You don’t think people who knowContinue reading “Don’t Ever Be Discouraged”

The Way of Visualisation – Part 4

Continuing on from the previous three posts… Throughout the period of wanting to be a recording artist, I was given clear signs that my visualization practice was working. After finishing high school I went off to college for two years, where I did courses I didn’t enjoy, and can’t remember anything at all about them,Continue reading “The Way of Visualisation – Part 4”

The Way of Visualisation – Part 3

In the previous post, I went through some of the things I did to make my dream of becoming a recording artist a reality. How I used to sit up in bed, every night, hands together as if I was praying, and picture in my mind what I wanted my future to look like, as ifContinue reading “The Way of Visualisation – Part 3”

The Way of Visualisation – Part 2

Continuing on with how I turned my teenage dream of becoming a recording artist into a reality… Every night, from the age of fourteen, I would sit up in bed, hands clasped, eyes closed, and envision the following, in as much detail as possible: > Performing my music on stage (hundreds, if not thousands ofContinue reading “The Way of Visualisation – Part 2”

The Way of Visualisation – Part 1

In a previous post, I mentioned how I had used visualisation to help my dream come true. (If you read that post then you will know I ended up not wanting the dream when I got it, but what I did worked, regardless.) I thought I would use this post (and future ones, as IContinue reading “The Way of Visualisation – Part 1”

Never Stop Asking Why

I had a coffee with a good friend recently. We usually meet once every two months and try and set the world straight. We always cover various topics, such as out of body experiences, astral projection, consciousness, the self, fear… and Trump. I brought up the issue of asking why, no doubt because of aContinue reading “Never Stop Asking Why”