An Alien In An Air Raid Drill

Yesterday, in Taipei, there was an air raid practice. Life seems to vanish from this bustling city, all in the blink of an eye. It’s pretty impressive, I have to say. At the appointed time, which all Taiwanese mysteriously know beforehand, everyone scuttles away like mice when a prowling cat is detected. A friend’s friendContinue reading “An Alien In An Air Raid Drill”

Don’t Give Up – You Owe This to Yourself

Why is it so easy to talk ourselves out of doing something that feels right? Lack of self-belief? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of what people will think of us when we dare to go for what we want? The list seems almost endless. As a self-confessed dreamer, I realized quite early onContinue reading “Don’t Give Up – You Owe This to Yourself”

What Does Your Blog’s Identity Say About You?

Although I’m rather new to the world of WordPress, and I’m still tweaking my site here and there, one thing I really wanted to get sorted out was my blog’s identity. (By ‘identity’, I mean our site’s subtitle.) I feel it’s important to get it right. These were the options I considered before settling withContinue reading “What Does Your Blog’s Identity Say About You?”

It All Starts With This One Question

I’ve mentioned before of being a member of the faculty at The School of Life (TSOL). Not to pitch it to you, but I believe they’re providing a decent service that more and more of us can benefit from, so I’ll tell you a little about it.  It was set up by the philosopher andContinue reading “It All Starts With This One Question”

How Doing This One Thing Can Make Life So Much Easier

So many of us are afraid of doing this one thing. Without it we get nowhere, or we get somewhere slowly; and the road was probably a treacherous one when it didn’t need to be that treacherous. We’re afraid to do this one thing because we’re afraid of how we might look in the eyesContinue reading “How Doing This One Thing Can Make Life So Much Easier”

Don’t Be A Barnacle

Our family and friends think they know what’s best for us, just as we think we know what’s best for them. We willingly advise those of whom we care for, with the hope of steering them to safety. But what happens when they shock us by doing something that alters our perception of them? DoContinue reading “Don’t Be A Barnacle”

The Path of Least Resistance

My family and friends thought I was crazy. They really did. Breaking the news to them was harder than I thought it would be. The majority of them reacted in a way that was the very antithesis of supportive. They couldn’t understand why I had suddenly decided to turn my back on the very thingContinue reading “The Path of Least Resistance”

Be Honest with Yourself

I’m aware I’m repeating myself here, but it was only when my dream came true did I realize I no longer wanted it. Nobody could’ve changed my mind when I was on my quest.  Getting a recording contract was my mission. If somebody had’ve said, “What if you don’t actually want it?” I sincerely wouldn’tContinue reading “Be Honest with Yourself”

You Can Do This!

Following on from the previous post… So there it is, a nine-year quest condensed into a few 300-word posts.  The chase was over. The fox had caught the rabbit. It took patience, self-confidence, persistence, perseverance, determination, drive, stubbornness, hope, faith, imagination, creativity, self-belief, passion, joy, trust – all of that stuff, and more. With allContinue reading “You Can Do This!”