Two rhyming picture-less picture books

So seen as though I can’t hook a publisher or an agent to publish my two rhyming children’s picture books – at least not yet I haven’t been able to – I decided to narrate them and exhibit them on my YouTube channel.

The Sun and the Moon (A Short Story)

There was a time when the Sun and the Moon were so close that they rose and set together.

The people who populated Young Earth looked up in delight at the amazing exhibition of two heavenly bodies, side by side.

What the people didn’t know was that their lives were on the verge of changing forever.

A Barnacle’s Tale (A Short Story)

In a recent post I mentioned the importance of flowing with life, and finished off using the analogy of a barnacle. (A barnacle being an arthropod that clings to rocks, resisting the tide.)  I remember reading a tale about a barnacle, but I can’t remember whereabouts I read it.  I’m going to attempt to writeContinue reading “A Barnacle’s Tale (A Short Story)”