The World of Wagyu

I recently had the privilege of being asked to write a blog post for Made in Japan tableware (MIJ).

It’s all about Wagyu beef.

Feel free to have a quick read.

Hopefully more blog posts for them will follow.

Wishing you well.

30th June 2022

6:50am. Wanting to go back to sleep, as if it was a world, as if it was home, as if I belonged there. You wake up, and the complexities of life flood your being. You are now this person with complexities. I was a different person in sleep, in dream – who was I in between dreams, when the me, the my, and the I were not present? Is that what death is like, the space in between dreams? Is that what life is like, a dream sandwiched with a nothingness full of life, full of potential? Surely that’s nothing to be afraid of. It isn’t. Death isn’t a thing to fear. Learn to let go now, learn not to cling to a future that is not yours, to a future that doesn’t exist, that is not a thing – that is only an abstract in your mind, a projection motivated by a desire, a wanting, of both body and mind. Death is painful for those who cling to our bodies, who include us in their mind-made future. Grief is pain of loss for the living who have not yet learned that death is part of the ride and is to be embraced. Only through embracing death can we fully embrace life.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Yesterday we went to Vue, in Leeds, and saw Everything Everywhere All at Once.

What a wild ride that is!

Such a great film. So creative and imaginative. You can tell the Daniels had fun writing it and the cast had fun filming it.

(The Daniels are the duo that turned Daniel Radcliffe into a farting corpse in Swiss Army Man. Another good film.)

I highly recommend you go and see Everything Everywhere All at Once (if only to see the fantastic return of Ke Huy Quan, who played Data in The Goonies).

This morning, I picked up a book from the local library on flower arranging, for my wife, and couldn’t leave without borrowing Morning: How to Make Time by Allan Jenkins.

I’m reading four books now. I don’t know why I do it to myself.

  1. Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens
  2. Yorkshire Oddities – S. Baring-Gould
  3. Toast – Nigel Slater
  4. (and now) Morning – Allan Jenkins

I’m pleased to report that I’m 11,728 words into the new story I’m writing (the one I mentioned in my previous post). It’s such a joy to write – though it fills me anxiety every time I sit down to write it.

Having already read 30 pages of Morning, I’m thinking of getting up a bit earlier. My alarm goes off at 6:30am. Maybe tonight I’ll set it for 5:30am.

I’ve just made myself a cup of Earl Grey, with a couple of cardamom pods and a quick squeeze of condensed milk. (Don’t judge me.)

Time to get back to writing my story.

Happy creating.

The Start of a New Book

I’m so chuffed to say that I’ve started writing a new book.

Those dry patches are not nice for any creative person; those periods of time when you think you won’t ever create anything else again, because your muse has seemingly left you, and you have nothing else to give.


I wonder if I will ever be able to see those dry patches as necessary to the creative process. Because they are necessary. They’re there for us to regroup, to recharge: to read as a reader, to observe art as an observer. They’re required, just as Winter is required in the run-up to Spring.

I have started a new book, and I am happy. I’ve done 7,000 words so far. I’m taking my time, enjoying the process. I don’t plan, so the story is revealing itself to me with every paragraph, sentence, and word.

I’m going to say it again because it feels good.

I’ve started to write a new book.

Happy creating.


Fear of Flying? This May Help

My new video on Tales & Meditations is to help those of us who fear flying, or feel anxious when flying, or have white knuckles every time we take off and land.

Hope it helps.

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Affirmations to help with the fear of flying

Two rhyming picture-less picture books

So seeing as though I can’t hook a publisher or an agent to publish my two rhyming children’s picture books – at least not yet I haven’t been able to – I decided to narrate them and exhibit them on my YouTube channel, Tales & Meditations.

The two books are The Three-legged Carrot and The Famous Shoe Tree. I thoroughly enjoyed writing them, and would be more than happy to write more. If you know of any agent or publisher (or if you are one) that would be happy to turn these fantastical stories into wonderful picture books, then please get in touch.

And if you don’t know anyone like that, then simply enjoy them, whilst imagining them with amazing artwork.

It would be amazing if you could Like the videos and Share them with anyone you know who might like them also.

The videos are below.

Thanking you.



The Famous Shoe Tree
The Three-legged Carrot

A Shot of Self-Acceptance – Transcript

Here you’ll find the transcript of the new video on Tales & Meditations, called A Shot of Self-Acceptance.

I want you to know how amazing you are.

There are no words to describe how awe-inspiring you are.

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49 Affirmations for the Grieving

Here is the list of affirmations used in the video, Affirmations for the Grieving, on Tales & Meditations.

With thanks to Paul Denniston at Grief Yoga for allowing me to use his affirmations alongside my own.

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