Gavin Whyte

Screenwriter & Author

Hand In Hand With The Yaloms

Marilyn Yalom has just died,

that’s what I’ve just read.

Sitting here, in a cafe,

people watching,

people listening;

one man’s real pain

that words can’t capture,

and can’t do it justice.

Upon reading about how she died,

at peace,

with that “icy kiss” on her cheek,

I can’t help but look around and smile,

a gratitude born of sorrow,

for everywhere there’re people,

hand in hand,

every one of them with a story to tell,

every one of them here, now;

but they’re all heading in the same direction

as Marilyn;

the same destination:

The Potential Void

that was there


before us.

And then I look across the table,

at my own wife;

she’s tapping her feet to the rhythm

of the foreign music;

the dregs of cappuccino in her cup;

and I know that,

one day,

she won’t be here,

like Marilyn,

and I’ll feel Irv’s pain.

Or I won’t be here,

and we won’t be here,

and the world will carry on, as it does,

and people will walk,

hand in hand,

like us,

like Marilyn and Irv once did.


Inspired by A Matter of Death and Life by Irvin D. Yalom and Marilyn Yalom.

You can buy it here.

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