Gavin Whyte

Screenwriter & Author

The Start of a New Book

I’m so chuffed to say that I’ve started writing a new book.

Those dry patches are not nice for any creative person; those periods of time when you think you won’t ever create anything else again, because your muse has seemingly left you, and you have nothing else to give.


I wonder if I will ever be able to see those dry patches as necessary to the creative process. Because they are necessary. They’re there for us to regroup, to recharge: to read as a reader, to observe art as an observer. They’re required, just as Winter is required in the run-up to Spring.

I have started a new book, and I am happy. I’ve done 7,000 words so far. I’m taking my time, enjoying the process. I don’t plan, so the story is revealing itself to me with every paragraph, sentence, and word.

I’m going to say it again because it feels good.

I’ve started to write a new book.

Happy creating.


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I am a screenwriter and author of The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, Happiness & Honey and others.



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