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Thank you, Maharaji

So this is what happened…

My wife and I step on the free bus to the MRT. We’re on our way to the east of Taiwan for a weekend vacation. (We currently live in Taipei.)

Now, for the past couple of months, before going to bed each night, I’ve been reading a few snippets of Ram Dass’s book, Miracles of Love – Stories about Neem Karoli Baba.

That was Ram Dass’s guru, if you don’t know.

It’s a wonderful book. The accounts range from a single sentence to a page or two. Reading the book before sleep has led to a few dreams of Ram Dass and his Guru, and, more recently, just Maharaji. I don’t recall much of what happens in the dream. I just remember seeing his face. He’s always smiling.

So we’re on this free bus, on our way for a weekend vacation, when I decide to ask Neem Karoli Baba (aka Maharaji) for some money. I literally say in my head, “Maharaji, please can you bring some money my way?”

I asked this because, quite simply, finances are a little too tight for my liking at the moment.

So that was the request.

We’re squeezed in the bus, like sweaty sardines in an air conditioned tin, the bus comes to a stop outside the MRT, and because I’m closest to the door I’m the one to leave the bus first.

I step out of the bus, and a pink 100NTD note flies under my foot, before my foot touches the ground. It was literally as if it materialised out of the realm of the unmanifest.

Needless to say, I was shocked. What was even more surprising was that there was a queue of people waiting to get on the bus, and not one of them looked at the money.

They watched me pick it up, for sure, but they were watching as if the note was mine, and that I had dropped it. I hadn’t. I don’t carry notes in my pocket.

So I thanked Maharaji, told my wife, and she thanked him too, then suggested we get some snacks for the long trip ahead.

All this happened less than 30 minutes ago, so my imagination hasn’t had time to play with the details. In fact, I’m just about to eat the snack Maharaji’s money paid for, and I’m writing this sitting on the coach that’s taking us to the east.


Have a great weekend, folks.



(And yes, I did end up asking for more money. 100NTD is less than $4. It was as if Maharaji was laughing at me. “Yes, I see your plight, but now you know I see it, so just wait…” is what he seemed to be saying.)

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