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My New World of Theatre

I’ve just finished what I consider to be a decent draft of a stage play – my first stage play.

It’s a whole new area of writing for me; a completely new landscape. I don’t know where I am, or which direction to take next. I’m hoping that the fog will clear, and the way will be shown in good time.

I never once before considered writing for theatre, until I realised, very recently, that it’s a perfect medium for some of my ideas to be expressed.

A few days ago I read Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem, and loved every bit of it. My gut was giving me big, fat yesses with every page my eyes gobbled up.

I love how a story can be told in one place – how one place can contain and tell a story.

I’ve no idea who to send my stage play to, or even if I’ve written it in the correct format (I used Final Draft 11 because I treat it like a script – and I love using Final Draft’s night mode). I’ve also no idea if it’s too short: it currently sits at 65 (Final Draft) pages.

What’s the genre? A satire comedy, perhaps.

The bottom line is, I’ve written (again, what I consider to be) a decent draft of my first stage play, with UK theatres in mind.

It’s called Mine, Mine, Mine.

I’ve just bought the book Being a Playwright by Chris Foxon and George Turvey, which I’m hoping will make things a little clearer, by explaining the terrain that’s before me.

I also bought another two Jez Butterworth plays: Mojo and The Ferryman. Looking forward to starting them.

Wishing you well on your creative endeavors.

Here’s to a way forward.


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