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My Audiobook is now on YouTube

I’m pleased to announce that you can now listen to the full audiobook of The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair on Youtube.

It’s a sweet fable I wrote back in 2012. Even though it only consists of four short chapters it seems to be hitting readers in all the right places. (I’ve included some of the reviews below.)

It’s been available in paperback and as a free ebook pretty much since it first came out. But in 2016 I decided to get it narrated and release it as an audiobook. Using Audible, I found this wonderful narrator called Linda Loper. Her style reminded me of a grandma telling her grandkids a story, whilst they sit around a log-burning stove with their hands wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate.

The audiobook is just over an hour long. If you enjoy being read to, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Here’s the link:



If you like Linda’s style and wish to get in touch with her (perhaps to narrate one of your own books), you can do so by visiting her website:

And, finally, if you would like the free ebook of The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, or would like to purchase the paperback, you can do so by clicking here.

Thank you. Happy listening.


Here are some recent reviews for The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair:

  • “This book was amazing. Very uplifting. Really makes you look at life differently and not take it for granted.”
  • “I read this story as part of earning my MFA in Children’s Writing. I picked the book because it’s short. I read this book wishing there were more pages. A lot more pages. Whyte created a beautiful sory of life, love, acceptance, and saying goodbye in a natural easy to enjoy manner. I truly feel I’m a better person from reading the story of a boy, a tree, and a girl with green tinted hair. Bravo!”
  • “I loved this book and I plan on reading it many more times. It was so meaningful and lovely. Read!”
  • “I wanted to read this story to see what it was about. No, is wasn’t about magic. [It] is a story for you . It is my story. Read it.”
  • “Gave it one star because you can’t get it none. Straight up weird poetry/story that was a total waste of time.”

…hey, you can’t please everyone 😉


I received an email from Linda, who narrated the audiobook, saying she had been in touch with Audible. She thought, that by putting the audiobook on YouTube, we might be going against the contract we signed with them. She was right. It turns out we need to make our contract “more flexible”. We are in the process of doing just that.

I didn’t want to delete the post as it also brings attention to the book – which is no bad thing. When the book is once again available to listen to on YouTube, I will delete this update.

Thanks again.


2 responses to “My Audiobook is now on YouTube”

  1. sweet accomplishment…Bravo!


    1. 🙂 Thank you


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