Enroll (A Poem)

We enrolled together,

you and I.

That’s why we met,

it’s why we’re together.

Like enrolling on the same course,

but sitting at opposite ends of the room,

with thousands of kilometres between us.

But we enrolled,

that’s the main thing,

that’s why we met,

it’s why we’re together.

Sometime during the course—

the study of you and I,

I think it was called—

we both had a break,

and wandered around the room,

for thousands of miles,

(well, you did, I stayed close to my desk)

and we bumped into each other.

That’s how we met,

and it’s why we’re together,

because we enrolled.




Published by Gavin Whyte

I am the author of the modern-day fables The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, and Happiness & Honey, plus several other works of fiction.

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