Gavin Whyte

Screenwriter & Author

Earthquake Test (A Poem)

The earth shook beneath me,

first making my desk creak,

and then my apartment.

I’ll never get used to them.

For the first second or so,

I always think it’s my imagination.

It’s like I’m all of a sudden on a waterbed;

the whole world on a waterbed.

I feel drunk in an instant.

It happened the other night,

which is why it’s fresh in my mind.


Not small,

but not massively dangerous either.

A part of me wanted it to last longer.

The earth is talking to me,

entrusting me with something worthwhile and meaningful.


I felt connected to her,

like I do in a storm – but an earthquake is different.

When she shakes my foundations,

she’s forcing me to listen;

grabs me by the shoulders,

looks me directly in the eyes.

She’s serious.

“Do I have to scare you,” she says,

“in order for you to believe I’m living?”

“I’m afraid so.”




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