Gavin Whyte

Screenwriter & Author

Wisdom, Life, Love (A Poem)

When you accept you don’t know

Who I am is;

When thinking Stops

Controlling everything you Do;

When everything seems so Obvious

And you stop asking for More.


Living with yourself,

Is Itself difficult.

You cannot Fail, however,

When you are Evolving.


Lighten the load,

Of Outmoded perceptions,

And only Vibrate with what helps

You accept your Experience. 


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5 responses to “Wisdom, Life, Love (A Poem)”

  1. Fell in love with this instantaneously


    1. ☺️🙏🏼 thank you.


  2. So deep. I really appreciate the way you make the truth dawn on your readers. It’s wise of you to choose these three elements. 😊👍


    1. 😊 thank you, my friend.


      1. It’s all my pleasure, dear friend.😇


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