Cupid’s Lament (500-Word Flash Fiction)

You’ve got me all wrong.

Yes, I’m in the Love business; I sit here, watching you all, preparing my arrows, taking aim, firing. But honestly, it’s not what you think.

I never miss. Never. But sometimes they don’t go in deep enough. It’s the hard shell you develop over time, it gets harder for my arrows to penetrate.

That’s why I try and get you all when you’re young, when you haven’t been kicked about by life that much. You feel you have less to protect, and so your defences are down.

As I said, my business is Love, and if you saw me you would know that; I’ve got the wings you would expect me to have, and although I’m not exactly baby-faced anymore – and I’m not naked, as many believe – I’ve still got the boyish look about me.

So how exactly have you got me all wrong?

I think the best way to explain is by giving you a real-time example.

Right now, I’m in one of your bustling cities, keeping an eye on this one guy. He’s twenty-something, and he’s not happy. Why? Because he’s single.

He has no idea what’s around him because he’s so absorbed with the mental chatter going on inside his own head.

He’s frustrated because he feels he deserves Love. And of course he does, I for one would never argue against that. But here’s the thing, all this guy’s thinking about is his “failed” relationships.

Inverted commas because, believe you me, there’s never been a failed relationship in your entire history.

(Look who’s talking.)

Also, and this is funny, I’ve struck this guy several times already! In fact, I’ll do it now. This was supposed to be a real-time example after all. So here goes:

I’m aiming… I’m aiming…


There goes my arrow.



Boom! Straight in the back.

For a split second I see my sweet poison (that’s on every one of my arrowheads) sweep through his veins.

Wait for it…

There, there’s that look in his eye. I know that look well.

It’s my look.

I invented it.

It’s the look of Love.

It’s beautiful.

It’s priceless.

I’ve got this far with this guy before, so wait on a second. If it works this time, I’ll eat every word of this rant, honestly I will.

There! There we go!

Hah! I knew it!

OK, so this is what just happened:

He was feeling the effects of my arrow, my magic, but then all of a sudden it got pushed out by his ill-guided thinking, his hazardous assumption, that it’s pointless to feel such love for himself, for life, when he doesn’t have anyone to share it with.

If you’re reading this, then there’s one thing I want you to know.

Please pay attention:

My arrows are not meant to make you fall in love with anybody other than yourself. When you allow my poison to do its thing, just watch how your life changes for the better.


Thanks for reading.

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