A Writer Whilst Writing

OK, here goes.

First, I’ll make myself a cup of black tea.

No, green tea.

Where’re those biscuits?

“Love, have you seen those biscuits?”

(Thinks about what to write whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Already beginning to feel creative.)

(Sits down with a cup of coffee and a biscuit.)

OK, here goes.

What’s my astrology forecast for today? I’ll just check.

Cool. Sounds good.

OK, here goes.

What shall I listen to today?

(Goes to Youtube.)

Nothing with lyrics in. Can’t possibly have lyrics in it. Too distracting. Can’t have a beat either, I’ll just end up tapping.

Oooo this TED talk looks interesting.

(Guilt kicks in half way through.)

I’ll finish watching it later.

OK, music. Which music do I want to listen to?

Something without any lyrics in whatsoever.

What’s that!? I don’t think I’ve heard that Boards of Canada track before.

No, I’ll check it later. That’ll be my treat, after I’ve done some writing.

It would be good if I can do at least 500 words; you know, 500 words that I’m happy with, not just any old 500 words.

So what music do I want to listen to?

Meditation music?


Sounds of a stream? A Forest? A crackling fire?

My throat hurts.

Tibetan chanting, that’ll do. Could do with some healing vibes.

OK, that’s the music sorted out.

Here goes.

(Stares at the screen.)

(Has a sip of coffee.)

(Wipes the biscuit crumbs off the desk. Puts them in the bin.)

That bin’s pretty full.

(Has a smell.)

Yeah, I’ll empty it.

“How’s your writing going, love?”

“Yeah, good thanks.”

(Five minutes later.)

OK, here goes.

(Write – write – write – write – write.)

(Delete – delete – delete – delete – delete)



My desk is dusty.

Really dusty.

(Write – write – delete – write – delete.)

What was that book I wanted to read?

I’ll see if I can get it on the kindle.

(Goes to Amazon.)

Two pricey.

What’s this one? That looks good.

Nice, it’s a free one.

(Clicks buy.)

Wow, how many free books are there?!

(Twelve books later, but feeling good after a book-buying hit.)

OK. Write. Here goes.

This Tibetan chanting is seriously annoying.

This is why I can’t write.

(Headphones in. Rainfall.)

Much better. OK, here goes.

(Write – write – delete – write – delete – write – stare.)

Must pee.

Damn rainfall.

(Feels creative for thinking about writing whilst peeing.)

(Sits back down. Headphones in. Ahhh, rainfall.)

OK, here goes.




I think I’ll write a blog post.



Thanks for reading.

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(Seriously… it’s time to write.)




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I am the author of the modern-day fables The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, and Happiness & Honey, plus several other works of fiction.

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