This Writer is Happy

In 2012 I wrote a small fable (less than 9000 words in length) called The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair. I made it available as a paperback, audiobook, and as a free ebook on Amazon.

I’ve just checked Amazon to see what the reviews were like.


You guys, my readers, I am so humbled and grateful to see such amazing reviews. I was smiling from ear to ear with disbelief.

As a writer, you spend so much time in your own world, creating other worlds that you alone can see. But you write to provide a window to those worlds – or even better, a door –  so others may enter. It’s such a magical thing to know that what you write, alone in your bedroom (or wherever), people from all over the world are being affected by it in ways you never dreamt of.

Without wanting to come across as conceited, I wanted to include several of the reviews here.

“The book has a wonderful story. It’s an easy read. I’ll use it in my class for a book project.” By RD

“This little book is amazing, taking us through spring, summer, autumn and winter, with so many lessons for the heart and soul to learn.” By bookworm4978

“I don’t know why I chose this book, I was simply looking for a good read, perhaps it was the intriguing title, perhaps it simply chose me. I’m just so pleased I did so, because today it was just what I was looking for and found, or did it find me?” By Sandra Spragg

“What a lovely story. A must read, once, twice, and more times over again. Good to touch the hearts of all ages.” By Nicole Mares

“This is a sweet short story. Strong sense of spirituality (oneness, nature, childlike innocence, unconditional love) without being remotely dogmatic. You’ll probably know where the story is going pretty quickly, but, it may still bring a few tears. It touches the heart.” By Melissa Chapman

“This book has fit into my dreams. It’s strange the older I get the more I reflect on my journey through life. This book is beautifully written and gave my dreams words.” By Elizabeth Sudela

“This book should have been written when I was going through puberty. I’m glad that it has been written for all young adults to discover. Trust yourself and read this wonderful folk tale.” By Lilli Jo

Again, thank you. This writer is happy 🙂

If you would like to read The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair for free, then please follow this link.


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I am the author of the modern-day fables The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, and Happiness & Honey, plus several other works of fiction.

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