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Don’t Give Up – You Owe This to Yourself

Why is it so easy to talk ourselves out of doing something that feels right?

Lack of self-belief?

Fear of success?

Fear of failure?

Fear of what people will think of us when we dare to go for what we want?

The list seems almost endless.

As a self-confessed dreamer, I realized quite early on that it was down to me to provide myself with the tools needed to make my dreams come true.

I had to fuel myself to keep the engine running, and it was down to me to keep my eyes focussed on the road. I was going to say on the destination I had in mind, but I stopped myself.

To focus on the destination whilst driving would not only be dangerous, but self-defeating.

The route is forever changing. It might not change in our head, how we imagine it, but that’s not the route – that’s the map.

The map is not the route.

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The map is the blueprint of the route; how we have formulated an image of the route to our liking and expectations.

This is how we become rigid in pursuit of what we want; how we so easily quit when something doesn’t go our way.

We want to get from here to there in the quickest way possible, which means we definitely want to stick to the map.

But life doesn’t act in that way.

We have to be flexible.

We have to flow and be flown.

If we are rigid (resisting unforeseen obstacles) then we can so easily succumb to pressures that only exist when the route proves to be different to the map we had come to trust.

But which is real: the blueprint of the route or the route itself?

By being flexible we accept any obstacles that may appear on our path, and we get to work overcoming them; maybe making a detour whilst knowing we are still very much on route.

Don’t talk yourself out of doing something that feels right.

You owe it to yourself to pursue what makes your heart sing.

Nobody will do it for you.

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Every single one of us is on our own individual path. They may intertwine and cross with others; we may be able to hold hands when our paths run almost parallel; hug when times get hard, but it’s impossible for someone to walk your path for you.

There might only be one you, but never underestimate your power and strength to overcome any obstacle on your path.

We can give you a helping hand, but first the “Okay, I’m going to try!” has to come from you.

We’ll be there, on our knees, hands clasped, waiting to give you a leg up.

You can do this.

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