Needlework (A Poem)

You see me as an enemy,

But I see you as a friend.

You wish I didn’t exist,

But your every breath I attend.

You think I cast a shadow

On every drop of light.

But it is you with the needle,

Tattooing the day into night.

If only you understood

My real reason for being,

You would fall sound asleep,

And create dreams that were made for seeing.

Instead of the ones you entertain

When you cross paths with my name.

And yet, without me it wouldn’t be clear,

That you’re really playing a game.

The thing you fear is not me,

Believe me, what I say is true.

For I am the light you call dark,

And your fear is a thought inside you.


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Published by Gavin Whyte

I am the author of the modern-day fables The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair, and Happiness & Honey, plus several other works of fiction.

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