You Can Do This!

Following on from the previous post…

So there it is, a nine-year quest condensed into a few 300-word posts. 

The chase was over. The fox had caught the rabbit.

It took patience, self-confidence, persistence, perseverance, determination, drive, stubbornness, hope, faith, imagination, creativity, self-belief, passion, joy, trust – all of that stuff, and more.

With all of that thrown into the mix I knew I could achieve what I had set out to achieve.

What a lesson that was.

Here’s what it taught me: 

We can do anything we put our mind to

Nothing new, right? But now I had evidence.

And that’s priceless.

It doesn’t take super powers to turn a dream into a reality. 

You really can do anything you put your mind to. If you stay focused and determined and believe in yourself, I’m telling you, you can do what you set out to do.

You will get mocked and people will try and shoot you down, as I have already forewarned. But use their remarks, their strikes – their weakness – and turn it into your strength.

That’s all that it is, their weakness. You remind them of what they’re afraid to do.

If you believe in yourself and I don’t believe in myself, then I’m either going to model you, envy you, or try and bring you down a notch, so we see eye to eye.

With people like that, it’s far easier for them to chip away at what you’ve built, so you end up at their level, rather than them finding the strength within themselves to reach your height.

It’s far easier for many of us to attempt to shrink someone who’s growing, rather than to grow ourselves.

Growth requires strength and courage.

As they say, life begins where our comfort zone ends.

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