The Way of Visualisation – Part 2

Continuing on with how I turned my teenage dream of becoming a recording artist into a reality…

Every night, from the age of fourteen, I would sit up in bed, hands clasped, eyes closed, and envision the following, in as much detail as possible:

> Performing my music on stage (hundreds, if not thousands of people in front of me.)

> The smell of the venue; the sweat, the smoke, the alcohol. 

(In the previous post I said how my science teacher took me and several other students to go and see The Prodigy, live in concert, in 1997. All I had to do was imagine myself on that exact stage.)

I would also imagine:

> Walking into music shops and seeing my CDs there – and people buying them!

> Being on the front cover of all the major music magazines.

> Doing TV and radio interviews.

> Filming a documentary about my music.

> Winning awards.

> Having my own recording studio, and being surrounded by equipment. 

Some of these were added to the mix later, maybe even years later. For instance, I can remember seeing myself being handed a piece of paper and signing along a dotted line, signifying a record-deal being dealt. I definitely wasn’t imagining that when I was fourteen.

Not only was I seeing these images every night in my mind’s eye, but I would try my best to smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the heat, feel the equipment etc, just to make it as real as possible.

Every night I was filled with hope.

I knew my dream could come true. 

Once I had finished my nightly routine, I would go to sleep with a smile on my face and say, 

“Thank you.”

All this seemed to be an inherent technique to bring a dream to fruition. 

Nobody taught me.

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