Caring About Time

My wife booked us cinema tickets to go and see a rerun of E.T, thinking it would be nice to watch it on the big screen.
We arrived at the cinema, got our tickets, and then was told they had changed the movie.
“So what’s showing instead?” asked my wife.
“Trainspotting,” came the nervous reply from the employee.
Luckily, all the Taiwanese children were at school. Instead of the cute alien in drag, wanting to phone home, they would’ve got a drug addict, diving down a toilet.
The film proved itself to be a timeless classic, making us thankful for the last minute swap.
(I was told, that because it was a film festival, they were allowed to change the movies as and when.)
Watching Trainspotting made me want to watch Trainspotting 2. For some reason or another it wasn’t shown here, in Taiwan.
So when I got home, I watched the trailer and a ten-minute video, which had interviews with the director, Danny Boyle, and all the main actors.
He said something very interesting:
“When we’re teenagers, or in our early twenties, we don’t care about time. But when we grow up, we realize time doesn’t care about us.”
So true.
Although, in my case, when I was in my teens and early twenties, I did care about time.
Maybe too much.
An awareness of the impermanence of my body seemed to kick in rather early.
I was writing ghost stories when I was six.
I would rush to the non-fiction section in the library to read books on ghost sightings and the paranormal.
My early interest in the unseen seemed to be preparing me for something.
Preparing me for the grand becoming.
The never-ending process of growth.
And the same applies to you.
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